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Make the world a better place with every dollar you spend

You want to shop with a conscience – to spend your dollars at businesses that are good to the environment and their employees. But how are you doing at that? It’s been almost impossible to know. Until now.

Now, there’s AIM (Aspiration Impact Measurement), a new feature of your Aspiration Spend account. It lets you see your own Sustainability Score – the impact you’re making on People and the Planet based on where you’re shopping and spending every day.

Support the businesses that are doing what’s right

We’ve put AIM People and Planet scores right into your Aspiration app so you can easily see the scores of the places where you spend your money.

Simply use your Aspiration debit card at AIM scored businesses to see their People and Planet scores – along with the scores for similar businesses.

People scores reflect company metrics like employee pay, access to healthcare, workforce diversity, and more. Planet scores are based on metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions, energy efficiency, and renewable energy use.

Thousands of AIM rated companies like these:

See the impact your spending makes

You can track and even improve your score over time. And you can compare your score with your friends, family, neighbors, just about anyone...

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Expect more from the places you shop and spend

Many companies still don’t think it’s important to share information about how they treat the environment and their employees. We deserve better and should demand more. If you bought something at a big business that isn’t yet rated, use your Aspiration app to Tweet at the company asking them to publicly report sustainability data.

And local businesses can submit their information directly to Aspiration so that they get an AIM score too.

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