Put Your Money
Where Your Heart Is.

A financial partner that puts you, your conscience, and the planet first

The financial industry is was broken

Too often, the financial industry runs on “greed is good” and leaves millions behind. It doesn’t have to be this way.

We created Aspiration because everyone deserves a financial firm that brings you fairness, great products and the chance to both make money and make a difference.

Financial products you can believe in

Banking Services

Built on fairness

Up to 100 times Big Bank interest rates*, zero fees at every ATM in the world, and your own People & Planet Score.

Investing Products

Value and Values

Aspiration offers professionally managed funds that allow you to invest 100% fossil fuel free or invest for fewer ups and downs–through individual or retirement accounts.

Save, spend, and invest with your conscience

Pay what you think is fair

You set the fee for your banking services or investment products, even zero. We trust you’ll pay us a fair fee if we do a good job.

We commit to donating 10% of earnings to charity

It’s not an afterthought. We give to charities that help other Americans and we make it easy for you to give as well.

Fairer products built for all

We bring financial choices to everyone, not just the richest few.

Strong Security

We use industry leading encryption to ensure your personal information is protected. Banking deposits are insured by the FDIC up to $250,000 per depositor*.

Save Money, Save the Planet

$0 ATM Fees Worldwide

Never Pay Another ATM fee again!

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Save for your future

Big banks use your deposits to fund oil drilling and pipelines – and pay you almost zero on your money. At Aspiration, your deposits are fossil fuel free and earn 1.00% APY interest. And you have easy access to our ethical, environmentally-friendly investing options.

Goodbye, Greed. Hello, Good.

Did you know that Big Banks spend the money they earn from you on lobbyists and campaign contributions to get politicians to do their bidding? We commit to donating 10% of earnings to charities helping struggling Americans build a better life.

$0 ATM fees
NO fossil fuel funding
$0 Monthly Fees

Make a difference when you spend

With People and Planet scores in your Aspiration app, you can easily see how the places where you shop treat employees and the environment. Plus, you can track and improve your own personal impact.

Bank on fairness and trust

Big Banks charge the average American over $300 in fees. Aspiration trusts you to pay only the fee you think we deserve – even if it is zero. That means you can use any ATM in the universe...for free!

Our customers really love changing their world.

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We work hard to keep your money safe.

  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000 per depositor*
  • 256-bit bank level SSL encryption
  • App-based fingerprint security

We’ve added lots of extras just for you.

  • Get phone protection for free.

    Get $600 in cell phone damage insurance.

  • Pay your bills.

    Schedule bill payments in the app.

  • Deposit checks in the app.

    Snap a photo to deposit your check.

  • Pay any way you want.

    Apple Pay and Android Pay are built in.

  • Invest while you sleep.

    Add automated 100% fossil fuel free investing.

  • Get help if your identity is stolen.

    You have $1,000 in expense reimbursement.

  • Shop to match your values.

    See AIM People/Planet scores for businesses.

Save money.
Save the planet.

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