April is Earth Month, so this year, we’ve decided to do something special.

All month long, Aspiration will match tree plantings our community funds through the Plant Your Change (PYC) program! Specifically:

If you’re not currently enrolled in PYC, for every tree you fund by rounding up your purchases, we’ll fund the planting of an additional tree! (Terms & conditions apply)

If you are currently enrolled in PYC, once you fund 15 trees, we'll match your next 10 trees! (Terms & conditions apply)

This limited-time matching campaign can help you supercharge your impact while helping us hit our community tree planting goal of 425,000 trees this month!

We’ll be posting updates at aspiration.com all month, so check back often to see how the community is making progress.

How to get started with Plant Your Change

If you’re not yet an Aspiration customer…

  • Apply for an Aspiration Spend and Save account! It’s simple, quick, and there are no mandatory monthly account fees. *

  • During the account sign up process, you’ll have the option to enable PYC. Turn it on, finish your application, and begin using your account to start planting trees

If you are already an Aspiration customer, but don’t have PYC enabled…

  • Log in to your account at my.aspiration.com, then under ‘Manage’, click on Plant Your Change. That will take you to the PYC Preferences page where you can enable PYC, limit the number of transactions you’d like to round up each week, or pause your tree planting and round ups

  • You can also change your linked debit or credit card, or change your linked bank account (which is charged periodically for your round ups) in the same place

If you are already an Aspiration customer and have PYC enabled…

  • Then you’re golden! Just keep doing what you’re doing, and watch those extra trees hit your account once you’ve planted 15 trees in the month

Remember; you can set a maximum number of trees to plant per week and/or pause at any time. We’re all about both environmental and financial sustainability, so do what’s best for your situation.

Our incredible community has already funded the planting of over 28 million trees as of March 2024. We hope you’ll help us plant even more!



*Other charges and fees may apply. View our fee schedule for details.

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