Electricity generated from fossil fuels remains one of the biggest polluters of our environment. Studies have shown that the estimated CO2 emissions from the global electrical power industry are over 33 billion tonnes yearly.

This has a devastating impact on the Earth's climate. The increase in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide increases the greenhouse effect that causes global warming. 

The story doesn't end here. Other emissions may also be produced depending on the type of fossil fuel and the method of burning. Sulfur and nitrogen oxides cause smog and acid rain, for example.

It's not only utility companies and industrial plants that rely on power generation by burning fossil fuels. The erratic power supply situation in many developing countries also forces people to use generators to power their homes and workplaces.

Social activists and organizations are leading the charge against fossil fuels but many experts fear that our efforts are too little and too late. Irreparable damage has already been caused to the planet.

Be that as it may, we must recognize our collective responsibility to protect this planet for generations to come. This means investing in cleaner methods of power generation and reducing our use of fossil fuels.


What are battery powered generators for home like?

An alternative power generation method that doesn't cause adverse environmental impact is the need of the hour. The use of a battery-powered generator at home has emerged as a possible solution that strikes a balance between our need to generate electricity while safeguarding the planet.

A fuelless generator does not require fossil fuels to generate electrical current. It may utilize a physical flux such as the motion of air, water as well as solar light. It's a sustainable method of generating electricity as these resources utilized for generation are renewable.


A generator without gas: What does it typically run on?

Fuelless power generators can typically run on renewable sources such as solar, wind, and water. For example, a fuelless solar power harnesses the power of the sun to provide electricity. However, it requires a robust energy storage mechanism so that uninterrupted supply can continue even after the sun goes down in the evening. 

There are also types of fuelless generators that utilize a DC motor for electricity generation. The motor gets its power from a substantial battery and it's capable of charging itself while operating. 

When operating, these generators are usually very smooth and quiet as opposed to conventional generators that make a lot of noise.


Are they more cost-effective than using fossil fuels?

Fuelless generators are cost-effective when used over a longer time. Compared to other types of fuelless generators, solar energy-based device require storage solutions. - This can result in the upfront costs being considerably higher than normal fossil fuel- based generator. 

However, given that the resource used for generation is renewable and more cost-effective compared to fossil fuels, it becomes cheaper to generate electricity using a fuelless generator over time.


Are fuelless power generators available for everyday use?

You can find fuelless generators available for sale in various capacities. Even domestic consumers can rely on them for everyday use. A fuelless generator with a 12v 1000Amps and above motor will be able to power most appliances and devices in a conventional home. 

The energy industry relies on massive generation projects to truly harness the potential of renewable sources. These projects include massive wind farms, hydroelectric generation plants, and solar power plants. 

These industrial generation projects can provide enough electric power to meet the needs of entire communities. Many countries across the West are now increasingly shifting to renewable energy sources from fossil fuels to meet their demand.


Are fuelless generators environmentally friendly?

Fuelless generators are incredibly environmentally friendly as they are designed to not use fossil fuels, which create emissions when they’re burned off. These emissions then cause harm to the planet.


What are some of the best fuelless solar generators for home use?

Goal Zero Yeti 1500X 

The Yeti 1500X has a 2000W AC inverter that provides users with the peace of mind of powering anything they could from a wall outlet using this power station. It's best suited for powering work sites, base camps, off-grid events, etc. 

The lithium battery inside this power station is capable of supplying 1500-watt hours, enough for charging your phone over a hundred times or running a refrigerator the entire day. The power station can be charged with a compatible solar panel, providing a clean source of power.

Point Zero Energy Titan 1000

This is a great solution for domestic solar backup. It features a 1,000-watt solar panel with a 2,000Wh capacity battery, making it one of the most powerful solar generators for home use. 

It's capable of providing enough power to run most domestic appliances, including but not limited to a washing machine and fridge. When the sun is out, simply use the solar panels to directly run your devices without depleting the battery. The robust AC output charger can fill up the battery in under four hours.

Jackery Portable Power Station

Those looking for a more portable solution will find the Jackery generator to their liking. It's a compact and durable solution that features a 500-watt inverter. 

The lithium-ion battery pack can provide energy for various appliances including a mini-fridge, TV, and air pump. This generator is roughly the size of a basketball and is very easy to carry, making it a great solution for those living the RV life.


Renogy Phoenix 200

Despite being one of the smallest solar generators on this list, the Renogy Phoenix 200 is great for home use as well. It's great for charging mobile devices, laptops, cameras, etc. 

There's an integrated 189Wh battery pack as well as multiple output ports. You can charge the generator using a solar panel, an AC outlet, and even a car socket.


BLUETTI Power Station

Another great portable option, the BLUETTI is a 1500Wh lithium power station with battery cells from LG. It's designed for use with high-power devices like hairdryers and drills operating at a maximum of 1000W.

It can be charged through both a solar panel and wall outlet. When plugged in, the power station can be fully charged in just under 10 hours. The charging time will vary when connected to a solar panel.


You can save the environment and your finances in other ways

Fuelless generators are a great way to both save the environment and save money on your power generation needs in the long run. There’s still a lot more that we can do to play our part in reversing the lasting damage that has been caused to the planet. 

A great way to start is by ensuring that the money you keep in the bank isn’t utilized to fund fossil fuel projects. When you bank with Aspiration, not a single dollar from customers’ deposits is used to fund projects like power plants, coal mines, oil rigs, etc.

Customers also have the power of planting a climate change-fighting tree with every purchase if they choose to round up to the nearest dollar, through our Plant Your Change program

If that sounds interesting, consider opening an account with Aspiration today!

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