“If you want to gain trust,
you need to give trust.”

Investing your money – with anyone – is a leap of faith.
There are no guarantees. But we’re so confident,
we’re doing something no one else does:

At Aspiration, you pay us what you decide is fair.

You choose our fee.

Here’s how Aspiration’s fee works: We trust you.

That’s it. There’s no catch.

We work our hardest to bring you the financial products and services you deserve: high-interest checking accounts, sustainable investments, no-fee IRAs and other products once only available to the wealthiest Americans. And then you pay us what you think is fair. You set our fee – even if it’s zero. Change it whenever and however often you want.

We do it because Aspiration is a company built on trust – and trust is a two-way street. We’re asking you to trust us as to whether your investments make money. It’s only right that we trust you as to whether our company makes money.

One more thing: There are some set fees and expenses in our investment products that go to third parties that are unavoidable. We don’t get a penny of these – and we negotiate them down and subsidize them, so they’re less of a burden. Most other investment managers also pass on such third-party fees and expenses to their customers. Many put it in the fine print – we just told you up front.

At Aspiration, the only money we make from you is what you decide we deserve. Our company’s future is built on our faith that you’ll like what we do and that you’ll treat us fairly. We know that if we deliver for you, you will do right by us.

We’re all in this together.

Wall Street too often functions on “Greed is Good” – it’s every man for himself. They charge as much as they can and get paid the same amount whether they are showing up and working hard or calling it in from the lounge chair in Tahiti you’re paying for.

At Aspiration, we believe that “Good is Good” – that we all do better when we do better together. We’re betting that you want to be part of a community where we can trust each other to do what is right.

Popular Questions

What are Aspiration’s fees? What is “Pay What Is Fair?”

Most investment firms impose a flat management fee on their customers. That means you pay a set amount no matter how well the investment does, how hard the adviser is working, or how much you like what the company stands for. We think that’s not right and not respectful to customers.

Instead, at Aspiration, you decide how much to pay us. We’re confident enough in our products and confident enough in the honor of our customers to trust you to do the right thing. We call this “Pay What Is Fair” because this fee model is fair to you and because we’re counting on you to be fair to us. We will not earn a cent from you other than the fee you select.

Can I really pay you zero?



Yes. We really hope you won't. And our business is built on trusting that you won't.

Where does the money I choose to pay you go?

You select the fee that you think is fair to pay Aspiration. Aspiration then donates ten cents of every dollar to charities helping spread economic opportunity to Americans working hard for a better life. The remainder of that fee goes to our company, our employees, the portfolio managers of our funds, and everything else needed for a company like ours to work – from computer servers to coffee. Lots and lots of coffee.

How do I pay Aspiration?

After selecting your initial fee when you first invest, you can change it anytime and as often as you want on your account dashboard. When you change your fee, the change is retroactive from the beginning of the quarter. You choose whether your fee payment will be debited from your linked bank account, credit card, or from your Aspiration account quarterly, based on the fee level you’ve set at midnight on the last day of each quarter.

Is there a difference in fees based on the size of my account?

No. At Aspiration we believe in treating all of our customers the same regardless of the size of their account – and regardless of how much they choose to pay us. Every single Aspiration customer gets to choose his or her fee through Pay What is Fair.