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Banking Services

The Summit Account offers 1% annual interest (up to 100 times higher than other banks), no ATM fees worldwide, and your own personal People/Planet impact score.

  • Zero fees at every ATM in the world
  • 1% annual interest on your entire balance
  • Get your AIM personal People/Planet impact score and see how you can shop with a conscience learn more
  • We commit to donating 10% of earnings to charity
  • Identity fraud expense reimbursement
  • Cell phone protection insurance
  • Joint accounts, bill pay support and more

Summit Account

Fee-Free Account

1.00% annual interest, no monthly fees, and free access to every ATM in the world

Summit Account

Fee-Free Account

Up to 1.00% annual interest, no monthly fees, and free access to every ATM in the world

Aspiration Save

Aspiration Save

Get 1.5% APY interest on your entire balance, plus unlimited transfers

Investing Products

Aspiration makes investing easy with professionally managed funds that are 100% fossil fuel free or with fewer ups and downs. Who can apply?

  • $100.00 minimum opening deposit
  • Open to new investors

Redwood Fund

Sustainable Investing - REDWX

Fossil fuel free investing in companies with sustainable environmental and employee practices

Flagship Fund

Low-Volatility Investing - ASPFX

A strategy aiming for long-term growth with less volatility than the stock market


Aspiration IRAs let you save for your future, save on your taxes, and save the planet — all at the same time. Who can apply?

  • $100.00 minimum opening deposit
  • Tax deferred growth
  • Traditional IRA

Redwood IRA

Sustainable Investing - REDWX

Invest with sustainable companies that think long term and care about the environment and their employees

Flagship IRA

Low-Volatility Investing - ASPFX

Invest with the goal of steady growth with fewer ups and downs


Aspiration makes it easy for you to give to the charitable cause of your choice. We've vetted America's leading charities and offer tools to make giving simple. Every dollar you give goes to the causes you care about most.

  • 7 charitable causes
  • Vetted non-profits
  • Tax-deductable donations